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EE368 Software Engineering

(Spring 2022 (10:00AM - 10:50AM Jan. 14, 2022 - Apr. 29, 2022)) (3) Credit Hours

Course Description

Students will participate in managing and executing the process of carrying out a significant software development effort from a conceptual idea of new features through integration and testing of the entire feature working on an existing product. This will require students to independently: (a). investigate appropriate technologies, (b). identify relevant risk factors, (c). address issues associated with software quality assurance. This course has the following student learning outcomes: Students will produce appropriate documentation of system requirements and design, testing efforts and user interfaces; Students will demonstrate an ability to evaluate the suitability of available technology for use in development of the product; Students will gain experience with issues encountered in maintenance of software systems; Students will be aware of the social and ethical issues of concern to software engineers and the impact of software engineering solutions on modern society; Students will be able to function as an effective member of a team of professionals; Students will gain experience independently learning new technology.

Instructor Contact Information

Name: Yu Liu

Classroom: SC 346

Phone Number: (315)268-6510

Email Address:

Office Hours: 1pm-3pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • Will be conducted virtually via Zoom in Spring 2022.

Instructor Participation

During this course, as your instructor, you can expect me to

  • Respond to emails and voicemails within 12 hours
  • Grade activities and assessments within 7 days

Delivery Method

In Classroom: Zoom link ( is also provided due to the COVID pandemic